Currently I am in limbo.  I am on the brink of many life changing events but my issue is exercising patience in awaiting all of the excitement.  Temporarily I am without a real studio to work in (among other important missing elements in my life).  Being in this space of so many “in-betweens” leaves me really grasping for any inspiration I can find and any new medium I can explore to keep my work habits consistent.  A refreshing visit yesterday to an amazing fabric store satisfied some part of my inspirational cravings.  There were an endless number of patterns, beadings, textures, colors, and tools.  This dilemma of working within a restricted space and my recent acquisition of a Louise Bourgeois catalogue have both drawn me to the use of fibrous materials.  I've been attracted to Bourgeois' work for a while now because we deal with similar themes referencing the body and sex.  She also had an amazing ability to manipulate so many different types of materials in a way that could always feel organic.  I think I may be channeling her spirit a little with my new crochet projects.  Although painting and drawing materials are my first love, there is something soothing and seductive about the motion of crochet and the way it lends its forms to become sculptural.