Ontario Part 2

So I finally took some shots of the overall print studio, and my workspace here at Sparkbox.  It has been a while since I've done relief printing, and I forgot how much I love it!  In contrast to painting it is such a more physically involved practice.  You're carving the block, rolling ink, turning the press, then repeating these steps hundreds of times.  At the end of the day I'm tired but it feels so rewarding. 



Amanda Rataj has been here this past week, and last night she gave us weaving lessons on a loom that was given to Sparkbox.  The loom itself can be a bit loud and clunky, but the motion of weaving is so soothing.   I find myself being drawn more and more to fiber arts lately.  Initially it was all about practicality and my lack of studio space.  I began my current crochet project because the yarn is easily transportable and I can crochet anywhere.  Now, however, especially after this encounter with a loom, I'm interested in exploring even more fiber methods.  Amanda suggested some simple ways to make small tapestry looms at home, and I got a lot of inspiration from The Australian Tapestry Workshop website.  This studio has giant sized looms and creates commissioned pieces based on paintings and drawings.  It is incredible because they can make woven fabric mimic brush strokes and watercolor paint.