I just received these Molotow markers in the mail, and after much anticipation they certainly did not disappoint!  I've had my eye on them for the past few months and finally ordered a few from DickBlick to test them out.  Some of the color swatches on the website were slightly off, however, I am still more than satisfied with the quality of these paint markers.  They are the most opaque markers I've ever used and make it so much easier to draw directly on the surface of paintings.  (Although, with most of my supplies out of reach and temporarily in storage, I'm predominately drawing and painting on paper these days)

I'm preparing for a short term residency in Canada during late March through mid April.  Aside from putting these new markers to good use, I will also be working on some printmaking projects and exploring relief.  Ordering new supplies and sketching ideas for this trip have both gotten me excited and I'm really looking forward to visiting Spark Box Studio.