Ontario Part 1

I have just concluded my first week here in Picton, Ontario.  The town is lovely and the people have been so friendly!  Their warmth feels a lot like the southern hospitality I know in the states. The print studio here is such a great space, and I should post some more pictures later of my workspace.  For now, although I don't have a lot of studio pics, I have been obsessing over an app on my phone called "Vine" that lets you create and post looping videos.  So I do have a few of these:





For this past week I have been the only resident here, but tomorrow two other girls are coming in from Toronto.  

Also this past week Chrissy and Kyle (the owners of Sparkbox) did a workshop for high school art teachers in the area.  I'm so glad I was here to participate because it was a "Kitchen Lithography" workshop where we used cheap materials to make Litho prints.  You just wrap aluminum foil around plexi glass and draw your image with a sharpie, lithography crayon, or graphite, then stick it in a vinegar bath.  I even have a little instructional book to bring back with me so I can try again when I get home.  

These images sum up pretty well what has been happening here for the past few days.  Next week I'm sure I'll have more Vine videos and new pictures of Sparkbox!