Shifts in Process

Since my return to North Carolina I have been attempting to focus more on crocheting and the completion of my nipple-adorned Breast Bombs. I have big plans for this project, and the handful of bombs I have now is only the beginning.  I will keep posting updates on the progress but the fully realized outcome won't appear until at least next year!

Last week Elizabeth Arzani and I had our final painting exchange for our collaborative series before both of us make moves out of state.  We had one particular piece that has been a struggle from the beginning.  We traded it back and forth multiple times but each addition seemed to only further complicate the composition.  Finally we came up with a fun alternative. Instead of coating the entire canvas in white gesso and starting over from the beginning we decided there were too many separate elements in the piece that we loved too much to destroy.  So we spent about thirty minutes taking turns cutting out our favorite parts and creating a new selection of collage elements that will be re-purposed for our paper pieces in the future.  It was interesting to see how the sections we chose reflected our very distinct painting styles.  Most of my cut-outs consisted of contained shapes and lines, while Liz's were open areas of color and brush strokes.