painting it out or putting it in

"There seems to be something that you can do so much with paint and after that you start murdering it.  There are moments or periods when it would be wonderful to plan something and do it and have the thing only do what you planned to do, and then, there are other times when the destruction of those planned things becomes interesting to you.  So then it becomes a question of destroying - of destroying the planned form; it's like an escape, its something to do; something to begin the situation.  You yourself, you don't decide, but if you want to paint you have to find out some way to start this thing off, whether its painting it out or putting it in, and so on."

-- Franz Kline, Interviews with American Artists

I've been reading Interviews with American Artists, by David Sylvester lately, and it is really refreshing to see these reflections of great historical icons that relate so well to my own personal artmaking experience.  So often I do feel more led by unexpected occurrences in composition or reactionary impulses rather than what I sought out to do before being faced with a surface. Increasingly my process is becoming more about these reactions and compositional elements. 

Above is a snapshot of some in progress paper pieces.